Leave Application Letter


Leave Application

Whether you are planning to have a long vacation or attend an important family event out of town for a week or two, writing a leave application letter is important and must be submitted to your superior weeks prior to your planned trip. It is essential to inform your boss or your company well in advance about your leave request, so you’ll have higher chances of getting your leave approved, and at the same time give the HR manager more time to manage schedules.

If you have no idea what to write, here’s a simple guide to consider when writing a formal leave application letter.

Start by writing your name, address, city, state, zip code, as well as your phone number in a block style format. Leave some space underneath your contact number and then write the date, leave a space again underneath the date and then write the name of the person where you want to address your letter, his title or position, name of organisation or company, complete address, city, state, and zip code. You should follow this leave application format before you start your letter.

Begin your letter by using an appropriate salutation just like “Dear” followed by the name of your superior. After that, you may then start writing the body of your letter. The first paragraph should mention that your wishes to apply for leave of absence. State the reason why you’re leaving. It should be brief and direct to the point. The second paragraph should mention the exact number of days and dates you want to leave or absent from work and the exact date when you can resume working. You may also add important details with regard to the project that you are currently handling, their status, and the person that you’ve assigned to handle them while you’re away.

Before you finish your leave application letter, mention that you are hoping for their positive reply. You can end your letter by saying thank you to the recipient and that you’ll be patiently waiting for his or her reply. After your last sentence or paragraph, leave some space below it and then write your closing salutation followed by your printed name and signature

Whether it’s a short or long term leave, submitting a leave application letter to your superior is essential, so that he or she can ask someone else to do your office duties while you’re not around if you haven’t asked one yet. Also, you should observe proper use of punctuations and correct spelling. Make sure that your letter does not have any grammatical errors and double-check it before you submit it to your boss.

If you are uncertain about the proper leave application format that you should use, and the things that you should include in the body of the letter, just follow the simple guide below. Also, keep in mind that your letter must be concise and well-written as this can also help you get a positive response from your employer.

A leave application letter is required by most employers when you need time off during working hours. Often an employer will want your leave request in writing so that it can be formally approved. When writing it you will usually address your immediate reporting head, however sometimes higher consent is required. This article and free sample application template will help you get the time off you are wanting, just click the download icon at the bottom of this page to download your free formatted application prepared as a Microsoft Word document.

How To Format

Firstly you need to state your name, employee number, department number, and any other information your employer uses to distinguish who you are.

Name: David Harrison
Employee Number: HU8-880
Department: Men’s Fashion


Next put the date, the name of the person you are addressing, their working position, and the subject of the letter.

Date: 07/14/2013
Andrew Brown
Line Manager


Great, now we are on to the body of the letter, this part will usual consist of just one or two paragraphs. The first few sentences should give the reason you are requesting leave.

I regret to inform you that…

  1. Due to the sudden onset of malaria I have been ordered bedridden and am unable to attend work.
  2. I am to be best man at my cousins wedding and therefore cannot attend the office.
  3. I am sitting my final examinations soon and will require some time off.

We are doing well, now we must make a sanctioning leave request.

  1. I am therefor requesting leave at your blessing, from DATE through DATE.
  2. I would be very grateful if leave can be granted between DATE and DATE.
  3. I am unable to attend from DATE and until further notice, I have therefor enclosed a medical certificate for your perusal and will finish any pending work upon my return.

Next just finish it up with.

Thank you in anticipation.
Your’s faithfully,
David Harrison


I hope this sample leave application format will help you better understand what is required when asking for time off from work. The main thing is to state clearly and kindly the dates and reason for your request.